Concerned About RAAC Concrete in Your Building?

Concerned About RAAC Concrete in Your Building? Here’s Your Next Steps and How Structural Repairs Can Help


Safety should never be taken lightly, especially when it comes to buildings that house valuable human lives and assets. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re concerned about the presence of Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) in your building. This concern is valid, given the material’s history of structural deterioration and the resultant risks involved, particularly in environments like schools and hospitals. So, what should you do if you think your building has RAAC concrete? This blog post outlines the critical steps you should take immediately and how Structural Repairs can assist you.

Why RAAC Is a Concern

Before we delve into the steps you need to take, it’s essential to understand why RAAC is problematic. Developed in the post-war years and widely used through the 1960s and 1970s, RAAC seemed like a game-changer due to its lightweight and insulative properties. However, over time, it has been discovered that RAAC can suffer from premature ageing and deterioration, leading to potential structural failure. When used in critical areas like roofs or supporting structures, RAAC’s degradation can pose significant safety hazards.

Immediate Steps to Take If You Have RAAC Concrete


If you’re uncertain whether your building has RAAC, check any available construction documents, blueprints, or consult the architects or contractors involved in your building’s construction. If such information is not readily available, professional consultation is strongly advised.

Contact Local Authorities

If you’re responsible for a public facility like a school or a hospital, your first point of contact should be the relevant local or regional authority. They will guide you through the official risk assessment protocols and any other necessary steps.

Get Professional Assessment

Hire a professional structural engineer experienced in RAAC-related issues to conduct a thorough inspection. They will carry out tests such as ultrasound to evaluate the material’s condition accurately.

Temporary Evacuation

Depending on the immediate risk identified, you might need to temporarily evacuate the building until a comprehensive assessment and repair strategy is in place. This is especially crucial in buildings that host vulnerable populations.

Remedial Measures

Once you’ve had a professional assessment, the next step is to take corrective actions, which can range from strengthening the existing structures to complete replacement of the RAAC elements.

Concerned About RAAC Concrete in Your Building? How Structural Repairs Can Help

If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry—Structural Repairs is here to assist you through every step of this arduous process.

Expert Consultation

Our team comprises highly experienced and certified structural engineers who are well-versed in RAAC issues. We’ll provide you with an initial consultation to assess your situation and guide you through the necessary steps to ensure safety.

Comprehensive Inspection

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools will offer you the most accurate understanding of your RAAC’s condition. Our experts will visit your site to carry out these assessments, ensuring that nothing is left to chance.

Custom Solutions

Every building is unique, which means there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. We offer customised repair solutions tailored to your building’s specific needs. Whether it’s partial repair, reinforcement, or full replacement of RAAC structures, we’ve got you covered.

Risk Mitigation

Our services aren’t just about fixing the problem; they’re about ensuring it doesn’t reoccur. Our engineers are trained in risk mitigation strategies to provide long-lasting solutions that uphold the integrity of your building.

Regulatory Compliance

Handling RAAC is not just a structural issue; it’s a legal one as well. With changing government guidelines around RAAC, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully compliant to avoid any legal repercussions. We’ll help you navigate the intricate maze of regulations to ensure that your building is not only safe but also fully compliant with the law.

Timely Action

Given the serious risks associated with RAAC, time is of the essence. Our team is trained to act swiftly without compromising on quality, ensuring that your building is secured as quickly as possible.

Contact Us Immediately

If you have RAAC concrete in your building and are concerned about its structural integrity, do not delay. Contact Structural Repairs immediately at 0300 030 1822 or email us at [email protected]. Our professional team is ready to provide immediate assistance, ensuring your building’s safety and compliance with the latest UK regulations. Remember, when it comes to structural safety, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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