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مايو 30, 2022
A guide: Are concrete piles better than screw piles?

There is always much debate about whether to choose concrete piles or a screw pile for your project. This might have left you wondering how to choose the right materials for your structural repair.

While both options have their own benefits and drawbacks, we’ve compiled this brief guide to help you make the right choice.

Remember to always speak to an expert who will be able to provide tailored advice about your individual requirements.

What is a screw pile?

Screw piles are steel piling that screws into your construction within the deep foundations. They are usually made of steel and help to transfer the weight of the structure onto the piles.

Screw piles are cleaner

Screw piles are designated as ‘zero displacement’ piles, meaning that they create minimal disruption to the area around the construction.

This is beneficial for projects where you want to ensure the property can return to normal use as soon as possible, and it also means that the burden of concrete transportation and rigging is removed from the project.

Concrete piles tend to bring with them considerable disruption, which can leave the property and its surroundings out of action for the duration of the structural work.

If you’d rather be able to return to normal life and keep any land around your home cleaner and functional, then screw piles are a better option.

Screw piles are suited to lighter structures

While screw piles have many functions, they aren’t suited to every project.

They are best applied to lighter buildings, though depending on the type of screw pile there are some variations as to the exact structural load that can be supported using them.

Likewise, concrete piles are better suited to heavier structures.

This will help avoid cracking and damage to the piles and the overall building.

While screw piles are sometimes considered a more expensive option, in actuality they are likely to work out as more affordable when used correctly.

Keep in mind that the sizes of concrete piles vary dramatically, and not all will be suited to your project.

To get the best possible deal – and ensure the right approach for your project – get in touch with our expert team.

We’ll be more than happy to talk you through the options and help with putting a plan into action for your complex structural project.

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