The Alchemy-Spetec Geotech Product Line

Provides top-notch quality, full chemical grout lifting rig training and support, and unparalleled contractor assistance in the field and with sales and marketing

Alchemy-Spetec Geotech Products

The Alchemy-Spetec MixMaster Pro Gun is a maintenance and production money-saver for any lifting contractor, while the flagship lifting foams have aided many contractors in reducing volume usage while eliminating call-backs.

From the Polybadger machine that fits into a pickup truck, to customized boxtruck and trailer rig buildouts, Alchemy-Spetec is widely viewed as the premier geotechnical chemical grout and equipment provider.

With the additions of ground penetrating radar and penetrometer equipment and support, Alchemy-Spetec is truly at the forefront of the chemical grouting sector.

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Concrete Levelling

Sunken concrete slabs can be lifted back into place with our two-component polymer foam designed to work in wet or dry conditions.

The expansion force of the concrete leveling foam coupled with the pressure of a specialized pump generate enough controlled force to lift virtually any structure back into position with 1/8” precision.

Polyjacking (a.k.a. slab lifting and concrete lifting) can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost and time required for replacement using our AP Lift series of resins.

The Deep Lift® process may be necessary if deeper soil issues are undermining the slab or structure.

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Polyurethane Seawall Repair

As tidal flows rise and fall, water pushes its way in through cracks, joints, and defects in seawalls.

The water pushes in on incoming tides and flows out on outgoing tides.

As the water flows out, it carries sand and soil with it which causes undermining of the structure, voids to form, and deteriorates the structural integrity of the seawall.

This cycle is intensified during periods of heavy rain which continue the outflow of soil.

AP Fill 700 is a semi-rigid hydrophobic polyurethane foam that reacts with moisture in the soil and expands to fill voids while it permeates sandy soil to form a solid, strong, watertight mass.

It has been used extensively in seawall applications to seal cracks, voids and defects (as well as for filling voids and stabilizing soil). In some cases AP Lift 475 and AP Soil 600 may be used as well.

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Stabilize Soil with Polyurethane

Unstable, eroded, or loose soil around infrastructure can result in settlement and damage to the structure.

Voids can be filled, seawalls remediated, soil consolidated, and water migration halted by permeating the soil with one of the AP series products of ultra-low viscosity polyurethane resins.

Once the bearing capacity of the soil has been increased with this process, then the structure can be lifted if necessary.

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The Deep Lift® Process

Alchemy-Spetec offers a unique combination of high-quality structural lifting foams along with the equipment and training needed to address deep soil issues.

Now you can achieve soil densification and lifting on large projects with the smallest footprint and least amount of heavy equipment required.

The Deep Lift® process is powerful, painless, and rapid. Deep Lift® gets to the root of the problems in the soil, it brings the structure back to level and accomplishes this with minimal imposition or downtime to the property owner.

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