Fortress - Crack Stitch

Crack Stitch Strength & Simplicity.

Fix Cracks For Good

The Crack Stitch features patented ReGrid technology developed by Fortress. The Carbon Fiber / Kevlar® open grid design creates a bond far stronger than any other product on the market, insuring your cracks will never re-open. The Crack Stich is non-corrosive and extremely simple to install.

Industrial Floors


Foundation Cracks

Infrastructure Cracks

Road & Rail Repairs

Runway Repairs

RC Frames

Crack Stitch Strength & Simplicity.

The Crack Stitch installs with just a single saw cut per stitch, which can be performed with a standard circular saw and concrete blade. Fill the cuts with epoxy, insert the stitch, and your crack will never open again.

Installs in minutes, lasts a lifetime!

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