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Woodworm and Death Watch Beetle are two of the most common timber pest issues we deal with. These pests burrow into your property’s timbers, nest and eat through the heart of the wood causing it lose structural integrity.They multiply fast and can go completely undetected for some time. Wood-boring beetles (commonly known as woodworm) attack timber down to the core, and therefore can cause structural damage. The infestation recognisable by the small holes visible on the timber surfaces is caused when the larvae of the beetles burrow and tunnel into the timber to pupate and transform into adult beetles. Adults live for a few days during which time they mate and lay eggs on the surface of the wood; then they die, the eggs hatch and the whole cycle repeats.


Woodworm has 2mm holes. Often on exposed floorboards there maybe very few boreholes but evidence of severe tunneling within the floorboard. On lifting the floorboard there are many boreholes on the reverse as the beetles prefer to exit and lay their eggs in the dark


Signs of Woodworm

The common signs of woodworm and what most people are familiar with is the boreholes. These are typically 2mm in diameter. Other sign are the borehole dust, eggs or larvae and structural damage time the timber from the tunneling in the wood.

Woodworm Removal Process

Here at Structural Repairs, we are extremely experienced at banishing these destructive beetles with appropriate treatments, and repairing the damage they wreak on the structural integrity of your property. The Common Furniture Beetle is the most frequent culprit, but in Surrey and surrounds, in particular, the House Longhorn Beetle is particularly prevalent, causing severe damage in softwood timber. Other types of wood borers are the Powder Post Beetle, Death Watch Beetle and Wood Boring Weevils. If you suspect any of these nasty little creatures have invaded your property, it’s best to call in expert help immediately. Structural Repairs will inspect the building to determine which type of borer has infested your timber structures, whether it is still active, and how extensive the infestation is. Once we have fully investigated the signs of beetle activity we can tell you what treatment we need to employ, and whether any timber needs to be replaced or repaired.

Woodworm Treatment FAQs

We’re here to help! Here you’ll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about woodworm, wood rot and dry rot. If you would like to know more, get in touch for a free consultation.
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    What is the woodworm treatment process?

    Depending on the scale of the damage caused by the infestation there are two options. For minor damage, the timber can be treated with the resin process and reinforced using restraint bars. For significant damage the timber will have to be removed, temporary works put in place and the timber replaced and treated, so they are protected for the future.

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    How much does woodworm treatment cost?

    This price of woodworm treatment depends on the ease of access and the extent of it but treatments would typically start from £750.00


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