Requirement: Woodworm in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, HP10 0LB Woodworm in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, HP10 0LB

Problem: We visited the site with a view to repairing damage caused by infestation.

The Fix: The general or standard procedure for Woodworm is to: Locate the affected area, either treat or remove the damaged or eaten wood, strengthen the remaining timber in the most suitable way, and complete the remedial process by treating replaced wood/ timber sections.

Why this was different: This property had a bad case of woodwork, Small holes were found in a roof beam and when the beam was touched parts of it started to crumble. How the woodworm got there was unknown but the timbers needed to be treated immediately. The worst timbers were rWhy use Structural Repairs for Woodworm? Structural Repairs are Leading Specialists in Renovating, Strengthening and Repairing Commercial and Domestic Buildings. We are Structural Engineers and Specialise in Foundations, Concrete Repair and Cracked Walls. Most of our success is due to the that we assess what the customer wants before progressing with any project. Our structural engineer team has put in the long hours to master their disciplines. When we employ we insist on the very best of the best. We don’t sit on our hands. We have short waiting times and a wealth of resource to draw from making the completion of your job always our number one priority.

How to get in touch: Call Us on 0300 030 1822 or mail us on

Random Testimonial: “I used Structural Repairs to undertake my remedial works during my home renovation. The fact the works were assessed and overseen by a structural engineer was invaluable, especially as the building had undergone previous construction works that were not

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