Cavity Wall Ties are an essential part of repairing structures that have aged and become less stable through the years.



A wall tie is an essential part of the structure of any building, tying together the two leaves of cavity walls, crucial to their safety and stability. Unseen, but vital, these small devices are one of the most troublesome features in the structure of a building, because they are subject to corrosion or failure over time.

Corrosion is particularly prevalent in pre-War buildings when they lacked adequate galvanisation to protect them from chemical and environmental corrosion. Even in newer buildings, the wall ties can fail because they may have been defective or badly installed.


Experts At Installation & Replacement

We are experts at tie installation, tie replacement and tie corrosion surveys and testing.

Surveying and testing ties is a necessary service because sometimes mortgage lendershome buyers and equity release companies request a wall tie report before approving loans on a property.

Our professional team locates and inspects the wall ties according to accepted Building Research Establishment standards, and any recommendations made are also based on those guidelines. Digital images are usually taken and stored for future reference.

Qualified Structural Engineer

Our team of wall tie experts is overseen by a qualified structural engineer, and all are trained to the top of their profession. Our staff are extremely proud of their work and dedicated to leaving satisfied customers behind.

Because the very nature of our work on wall ties means it is hidden from view, we take the responsibility of doing a good job very seriously.

Wall Tie FAQs

We’re here to help! Here you’ll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about wall ties. If you would like to know more, get in touch for a free consultation.

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    Why is wall tie replacement required?

    Wall ties replacement is required to ensure the structural integrity of the property when there is failure or issues with the current wall ties.

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    How much does wall tie replacement cost?

    The cost of wall tie replacement depends on the size of the property and  varies on the amount of work required in regards to the existing failed wall ties which often have to be isolated. The cost would be from £2000 for a 3 bedroom semi detached property

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    What are the signs of wall tie failure?

    The most common signs that wall ties failure has occurred is cracking and often horizontally where the wall ties have corroded and expanded


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