The type of Timber Resin Repair we will discuss today is rather common. A threshold beam in an area of high traffic, in this case a doorway, has rotted out from the middle however the outside inch or so is still structurally sound. Some structural repair specialists who have not yet discovered in situ timber resin repair would suggest removing the entire beam, and replacing it with a similar piece fixing it in place with glue, screws, nails or some other fixings to remedy the rot. Woodworm will also cause a similar breakdown although with woodworm the ingress is more uniform – the whole piece tends to be affected as a general rule. Obviously this changes on a case by case basis. In this case we had the perfect opportunity to use resin and crack stitching bars for added strength.

One of the things we had to work around and can be seen in the pictures, is the electrics at some point had been run through the beam. This is a common although not ideal situation as some house fires have been started where an electrical short (Crossover between positive and negative somewhere within the house circuit) can cause heat to run through and back down electrical cables. Where these pass through a beam, particularly if someone has pulled them tight at some point, can cause fire risk. Wood, Heat – Fire.

With the cables in mind, we had to allow for them to run through our shuttering, sealing the hole from the inside to avoid the resin running out. We then removed all the dead, soft and rotted wood wherever we encountered it. This timber resin repair, because of the nature of the gaps left around the shuttering required use of a specialist aggregate which thickens the resin. Stainless bars are laid in the void, resin and aggregate are poured and left to settle and cure for a few days. The shuttering is then removed to form a better than new timber resin repair that will likely outlast the house it is in.

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