Death Beetle Wet Dry Rot London Treatment Structural Repairs

These beams have been attacked by death watch beetle. Death watch beetle can cause severe structural damage to timber beams and eat their way up and down the heart of the timber often to such an extent the timbers eventually collapse.

Timber Repairs and Wooden Beam Replacement – London Surrey Middlesex

Based in Staines, West London our timber and rot service areas are in the Surrey, Middlesex and the Home Counties regions.

At Structural Repairs we specialise in restoring and strengthening timbers that have been infested with death watch beetle. We are able to demonstrate several structural repair options that will mean that the timbers may not have to be replaced, the death watch beetle infestation can be treated and the oak beams strengthened by using our specialist timber resin repair system.

Timber Resin Repair Treatment System – Case Study

Our timber resin repair system involves casting inserting stainless steel tensile rods into the timber and pouring resin around them which adds inherent strength to the timbers. Where the timber has been repaired with our resin timber repair system they are stronger than the timber was originally meaning there is no need to replace these historic timbers.

Our resin timber repairs are overseen by a qualified structural engineer who will be able to determine if the timbers have met the required structural strength for your piece of mind.

Contact us to discuss you resin timber repairs and find out more about how we can assist you with your project. 


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