With unprecedented expertise in everything stone, we are specialists at restoring and repairing the built heritage near you. Using industry leading technology, we make sure we restore your stone back to health through effective and responsible means.


​Our stone restoration services encompass a diverse range of methods used to repair a variety of different stone issues. Stone structures can be found to be broken, contain cracks, be worn down due to wear and tear, be chipped or contain any other natural damage. Stone may also need repairing due to man induced damage such as paint or graffiti. Repairing stone, rather than replacing it, is known for being significantly more cost effective and less time consuming.

about our stone repair services


Carbon sulphation, brittle paints, limescale, moss overgrowth and the such, are all stone conditions which require gentle and careful restoration. With appropriate technology, we conduct complete and high-quality repairs whist always ensuring your stone is thoroughly, yet cautiously handled.


Using industry leading technology such as high, yet gentle, pressured machinery, our stone restoration services are able to tackle even the most challenging of structures.


We provide advice on how you can not only best repair your structure, but how you can undergo careful and effective upkeep of your stone once we have completed the job.

Some of Our Work


With over 35 years of relevant experience, here at Structural Repairs we are long-standing industry and stone related experts. We hold vast range of expertise and operate with a specialised skills set when cleaning and renovating stone structures. For images of some of the great work he have recently conducted, please see the photographs below:

stone repair FAQs

We’re here to help! Here you’ll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about stone restorations. If you would like to know more, get in touch for a free consultation.

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    What are stone repairs and restorations?

    Stone repairs and/or restoration is the process of mending a stone structure which has been found to be in damaged condition such as containing cracks, being worn down, chipped away or being covered in elements such as limescale, moss, algae, carbon sulphation, limescale and more. Repairing or restoring stone is less time consuming and more cost effective than replacing it altogether.

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    How do you repair or restore stone?

    Depending on the condition of the stone, your structure may be repaired via the application of filler with grit and sandpaper to mend cracks, cleaned with high-pressure and high-temperature machinery to remove any overgrowth or wear and tear, restored via other situation specific methods or potentially have to be removed altogether.

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    Why and when does stone need repairing?

    Stone will need repairing or restoring for a variety of different reasons which will fall under either nature wear and tear conditions or due to man induced reasons such as the application of paint or graffiti. Stone structures can often crack, break off, be chipped, be worn down or contain overgrowth of substances such as limescale, moss, algae, carbon sulphate and the like.

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    How much does stone repair cost?

    Depending on the cause and extent of the stone’s damage, its repair will vary in price tag. Overall, costs would on average start from £750 per repair and is dependent on the processes needed in order to bring the stone back to health.

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    How to prevent stone damage and need for repair?

    Appropriate upkeep of stone can greatly help to reduce the damage it may suffer in the long-term. Professional stone cleaning services can prevent the accumulation of harmful elements such as limestone, carbon sulphate, algae and more. Taking care of a stone structure via healthy upkeep has been found to substantially prolong the life of the material.


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