Requirement: Soil Stabilisation in Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 7HP Soil Stabilisation in Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 7HP

Problem: We visited the site with a view to repairing to alleviate further structural damage.

The Fix: The general or standard procedure for Soil Stabilisation is to: Lances are driven into the ground, to a depth of 3-6 metres, environmentally safe polyurethane expanding resin is pumped in, which lifts the soil needing stabilisation evenly back up to a suitable level.

Why this was different: There had been a shift in the soil of a man made mound in a nature reserve, the mound was created out of excavated soil and stood at roughly 6-7 meters high with a diameter of about 15 meters. Due to fluctuating weather conditions the soil had started to Why use Structural Repairs for Soil Stabilisation ? Structural Repairs are Leading Specialists in Renovating, Strengthening and Repairing Commercial and Domestic Buildings. We are Structural Engineers and Specialise in Foundations, Concrete Repair and Cracked Walls. Most of our success is due to the that we assess what the customer wants before progressing with any project. Our structural engineer team has put in the long hours to master their disciplines. When we employ we insist on the very best of the best. We don’t sit on our hands. We have short waiting times and a wealth of resource to draw from making the completion of your job always our number one priority.

How to get in touch: Call Us on 0300 030 1822 or mail us on

Random Testimonial: “I loved the fact that my structural remedial works were carried out under the supervision of a structural engineer.  He also visited my property whilst they were in progress and gave invaluable advice and assistance. The whole process was fully documente

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