Severe subsidence wall monitoring is required in extreme cases where a foundation has sunk so badly, the risk of further subsidence has to be monitored, essentially for safety’s sake. The monitors shown in the images below are manual monitors, and require a regular visit from one of our structural engineers to assess movement and log it periodically. A slightly archaic concept, markers like these only tend to record movement at one time, and do not track movement in anything close to real time.

We have partnered with Structural Analytics to provide a far more accurate wall monitoring solution which has been designed with severe subsidence wall monitoring in mind. Completely self suffcient for two years or more, these clever little devices are mounted on the wall and monitor vibration, tilt on three axes, and the distance across a crack using laser precision. The device can be configured to send data every few seconds although the default is once a day. A text message is also sent when parameters are breached – which is a good thing, especially if you feel the wall the device is attached to may be about to fall down!

The devices use the same GSM network to send these reports which can not only be viewed on a dashboard, but access can be shared between you and your structural engineer to track movement in critical areas of concern. We can also set up regular email warnings and critical breach messages via email if required. The historical data is saved for years to allow us to predict movement across the UK for scientific purposes. The tilt monitoring we offer is not so relevant for severe subsidence wall monitoring as for use in monitoring party walls – a party wall is a wall shared between two owners and party wall monitoring is the reason Structural Analytics was formed.

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