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What is Seawall Repair?

Sea wall repairs are a regular occurrence, due to the ever-changing tide levels and the effects the weather has on the sea. Any structure, particularly concrete structures, take a severe beating from corrosive factors and relentless weather conditions.

It’s important that sea walls, barriers, docks and anything that comes into contact with the sea are well protected and maintained.

Seawall Repair Methods


Seawall Repair Process

Depending on the type of construction that needs to be repaired there are a number of processes.

Teams are sent out on a construction rig, some will work above deck on the rig and others will have specialist diving equipment to inspect and repair damage beneath the water level.

In cases where underwater concrete repair is required, a form is built around the structure, and then pumped dry to allow concrete to be pumped in. Much of what can be done above water, can be achieved below with the correct specialist skill set.


We specialise in Seawall Repair

Since our inception, we have never been far from a waterside construction project. Constant erosion, structures taking a pounding from the relentless sea or river surges cause no end of problems.

We would start by sending one of our Structural Engineers to assess and survey the property to detect any contributing factors for the breakdown of structural integrity. The Structural Engineer would then provide a report detailing the scope of the work required, what resources would be required, and how viable a repair would be.

Your options to repair, rebuild or demolish will be presented. We can also design bespoke solutions with our in house architect team, we also frequently register planning permission applications and know our way around any pitfalls that may hinder your project completing on time. As everything is done in house, we tend to deliver far faster than some of our less diverse counterparts.

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What causes Seawall damage or failure?

Although seawalls are found around lakes and rivers, it is around the ocean that they are put to the most difficult test. Salt corrosion, tidal action, currents, boat wakes, storm surges and sometimes hurricanes all deliver a constant beating on the seawall. But many of the forces are also coming from the landward side of the wall.

Every time it rains or the irrigation system runs, and every time the tide goes out; all of the groundwater above the waterline has to vent or equalize. Tremendous pressures can build up if that water is trapped and cannot make its way into the sea or the stormwater system.

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Seawall Repair FAQs

We’re here to help! Here you’ll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about seawall repair. If you would like to know more, get in touch for a free consultation.
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    How much does Seawall Repair cost?
    There are many factors that affect the costs of sea wall repairs. These include access and the length of working time available, whether above or below the highest tide, the type of repair and materials required but cost would typically be from £80 – £150 m2.
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    How can Structural Repairs help?

    We are fully trained to work safely above and below water level. Our teams have considerable experience and will be able to provide a solution to any seawall repair solutions.

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    What are the best Seawall repair methods?

    To keep problems at bay, the proper application of polyurethane injection is the solution. AP Fill 700 is a lightweight injection resin that can be injected along the wall where the settling is occurring and generate multiple benefits. It will seal any leaks along the wall, fill the voids that have occurred, and mix with the soil to form a solid, impermeable mass. Combined with proper drainage, this method can extend the life of your seawall. If you live along the water, it is always going to be man against nature. That seawall is keeping your property from damage and from disappearing altogether. Advanced polyurethane technology from Alchemy Spetec is a key to extending the life of your seawall. It’s fast, clean, easy to install, and most of all, effective.


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