Through the use of expert knowledge and industry leading machinery, we conduct highly thorough seawall surveys before putting into practice the recommendations we suggest.



Given the turbulent conditions seawalls are constantly subjected to, despite their resistant nature, it is no surprise that they are often found to be damaged and in dire need being brought back to health. Seawall repairs are the act of conducting remedies on parts of your seawall which are found to be under distress. These repairs are often conducted in the form of replacing failing seawall caps, replacing tiebacks, add more rip-rap, replace panels, fill in cracks and much more. Repairs are often required due to aspects such as canal dredging, waterway lock systems and/or strong tides or current, and more. In addition, significant change in water depth are likely to cause seawall failure.


Here at Structural Repairs, we make sure we conduct a thorough and comprehensive survey of your seawall as a means to identify and analyse the condition of your structure. We then proceed to suggest recommendations for how we can effectively bring your seawall back to full health. Through the use of our expert knowledge and industry leading technology, we then proceed to carryout remedial actions as necessary. Our results driven approach allows us to attain superior levels of seawall repair, a service which we know is important to our clients.


Condition Survey

We conduct surveys of the condition of your seawall using our skilled expertise and some of the latest and award-winning industry technology. We ensure our surveys and thoroughly comprehensive and all-encompassing as a means to meet your requirements.

Structural Strengthening

Restoring the structural capacity of your seawall is often a necessary requirement over time. Replacing any necessary elements and filling any cracks in your structure will create stability and improve its strength and duration in the long-run.

Technology Utilised

The award-winning technology we use is non-invasive and non-instructive and utilised in order to analyse the current condition of your seawall.

Seawall Repair FAQs

We’re here to help! Here you’ll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about seawall repairs. If you would like to know more, get in touch for a free consultation.

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    How much do seawall repairs cost?
    There are many factors that affect the costs of sea wall repairs. These include access and the length of working time available, whether above or below the highest tide, the type of repair and materials required but cost would typically be from £80 – £150 m2.
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    How can we help with your seawall repairs?

    We are fully trained to work safely above and below water level. Our teams have considerable experience and will be able to provide a solution to any seawall repair solutions.

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    What are the best seawall repair methods?

    To keep problems at bay, the proper application of polyurethane injection is the solution. AP Fill 700 is a lightweight injection resin that can be injected along the wall where the settling is occurring and generate multiple benefits. It will seal any leaks along the wall, fill the voids that have occurred, and mix with the soil to form a solid, impermeable mass. Combined with proper drainage, this method can extend the life of your seawall. If you live along the water, it is always going to be man against nature. That seawall is keeping your property from damage and from disappearing altogether. Advanced polyurethane technology from Alchemy Spetec is a key to extending the life of your seawall. It’s fast, clean, easy to install, and most of all, effective.

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    Why do seawalls fail?

    Despite their resistant nature, seawalls are subject to extremely turbulent conditions and thus are commonly found to suffer from damage and in need of remedial care. Repairs are often required due to aspects such as canal dredging, waterway lock systems and/or strong tides or current, and more. In addition, significant change in water depth are likely to cause seawall failure.


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