Esher - Retaining Wall Failure

Esher – Retaining Wall Failure

This garden wall in Esher, Surrey, was overwhelmed by the amount of weight which was being placed upon it. Not designed to withstand so much weight, it was collapsing and in need of significant repair.

Wall Failure Escher

Project Details:

Completion Date: 2019

Project Type: Brick Repairs

Location: Escher, Surrey

The Problem:

The problem with this wall was that the weight of the soil on this normal garden brick wall was far beyond its holding capacity.

If a wall is to be used to hold a significant amount of weight, it needs to be specifically designed, as a retaining wall, by a Structural Engineer which will take the weight of the soil and land behind it under close consideration.

Wall Failure Escher
Wall Failure Escher

The Solution:

The only way to rectify the damage caused to this garden wall was to demolish it.

We then proceeded to construct new foundations and rebuild the wall from scratch.

This was done with reinforced hollow concrete blocks to the rear, concrete filling and by rebuilding the brick face to the front so that the actual brick work wasn’t taking the brunt of the weight – the concrete blocks were to the rear.

Wall Failure Escher
Wall Failure Escher

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