Windsor Archway

Brick Repairs

Due to old age and natural wear and tear, this brick archway in Windsor was found to be in quite a damaged condition. As one of our specialties – brickwork repair – we were more than delighted to undertake then restoration of this brick archway.

Windsor Archway

Project Details:

Completion Date: 2018

Project Type: Brick Repairs

Location: Windsor, Berkshire

The Problem:

It’s very common for brickwork to become damaged over a long period of time. Damage can happen for a variety of reasons such as due to the infiltration of water, which once frozen, expands and delaminates the face of the brickwork. Seeing as brick is likely to become more porous over time, the amount of water which can infiltrate likewise increases, thus makes matters worse. This is exactly what could be observed to have happened with this brick archway, having been crumbling away for some years now, it was in dire need reappointment.
Windsor Brick Damage
Windsor Brick Damage 2

The Solution:

The brick was firstly cut out with specialist equipment, the Arbotech Allsaw 170. Conducting brick work with this type of equipment allows us to preserves the rest of the wall given that when unhealthy brick is removed there are no large vibrations to potentially harm the brickwork which is still healthy. We then proceeded to reinstated new bricks to bring this archway back to a stable condition. When conducting this repair, it was important that the brick be replaced with a similar style and type of brick. In the same vein, the mortar was required to be compatible with what it was originally as to not cause any further problems.
Windsor Brick Damage
Windsor Brick Old Arch

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