Wall Movement
Having suffered from some movement, this beautiful limestone wall in Chelsea was in need of some crack stitching and store repair work. We made sure we conducted careful and accurate colour analysis and matching when repairing this stone in order to bring it back to full health via aesthetically pleasing results.
Project Details:

Completion Date: May 2019

Project Type: Wall Tie Replacement

Location: Gillingham, Kent

The Problem:
This beautiful wall, built of limestone, suffered from structural movement. This is a result of it being an old build located on clay in London which is renowned for the high probability that it will experience movement.
The Solution:
As a means to resolve this issue, we conducted crack stitching and stone repairs. We carried out the stone repairs by having the stone’s colour analysed and matched so that we could rebuild the damaged area in a way which was presentable and so that the damage wouldn’t be noticed going forward.
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