A substantially aged property in the old town of Exeter suffered subsidence due to its very shallow foundations in the trial pit of the lower ground floor.
Project Details:

Completion Date: 2019

Project Type: Subsidence

Location: Exeter, Devon

The Problem:
A common occurrence for properties which were built many years ago was that their foundations were built to be very shallow. This was because at the time they simply dug down a foot or so and began building straight off shallow soil – perhaps due to lack of the modern machinery we have today. As a result, many old buildings suffer from subsidence as the ground moves, especially with global warming given that shallow foundations are affected by climate change.
The Solution:
Called to rectify this grave problem, we conducted extension underpinning and took the foundations of the house to a new and lower level. This meant that the new foundation will be, in the future, unaffected by changing weather conditions given that it now lies on soil which is firmer and has more stability.
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