Garden Wall Movement
This residential property, located in Windsor, had suffered from severe cracking on one of its garden walls. As crack stitching specialists, we were happy to help this client restore their garden wall back to full health.
Project Details:

Project Type: Crack Stitching

Location: Windsor, Berkshire

The Problem:
As is the case with many seawalls, this wall had been in contact with every wave which had washed the soil sway little by little through gaps in or under the wall. As a result, there has been a heavy amount of severe corrosion which has occurred on the wall’s metal sheet piling and delamination on the wall’s concrete.
The Solution:
Our client requested a survey for this site. We thus carried out a thorough and comprehensive inspection of the condition of the seawall. We identified remedial work which needs to be undertaken such as the stabilisation of loose soil, leaks, fractions and the replacement of anchor bolts and sheet piling as a means to recoup the structural integrity which has been lost. As there is inadequate foundations we also carried out Underpinning at this Windsor property.
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