Woodworm Treatment

Woodworm infestation can cause sever problems to the structure of a property, rendering this form of repair in need of industry experts and professionals such as ourselves.

What Is Woodworm?

Woodworm is the term given to the larvae of all wood boring beetles found in the UK. Within the industry, woodworm is an issue when they cause timber pest issues as they burrow into timber on a property.
Woodworm Damage

Why Is Woodworm A Common Issue?

Within the industry, we deal with a lot of woodworm which burrow into your property’s timbers, nest and eat through the heart of the wood causing it lose structural integrity. They multiply fast and can go completely undetected for some time. Wood-boring beetles (commonly known as woodworm) attack timber down to the core, and therefore can cause structural damage. The infestation recognisable by the small holes visible on the timber surfaces is caused when the larvae of the beetles burrow and tunnel into the timber to pupate and transform into adult beetles. Adults live for a few days during which time they mate and lay eggs on the surface of the wood; then they die, the eggs hatch and the whole cycle repeats.

What Does Woodworm Infestation Look Like?

It can be quite challenging to identify whether your property is suffering from an active woodworm infestation as much of the damage caused is on the inside of the timber, thus a property owner is unlikely to be able to see signs of infestation even after a few years since it first arose. Even so, there are a number of aspects which can be looked out for and which help understand if you have a woodworm infestation on your property. The most obvious sign is when you have small round holes, which are usually 1mm to 2mm in diameter, in your woodwork. In addition, you may notice a fine and powdery dust around these holes. Your boards and joists may also have crumbly edges. In the same vein, you may find that your timbers or flooring have experienced damage or have weakened. Lastly, a further obvious sign of a woodworm infestation is if you have newly formed small tunnels within your timer.

What Causes A Woodworm Infestation?

In nature, many beetles lay their eggs on damp and decaying pieces of wood like fallen trees. The eggs then hatch, and the newborn beetles slowly eat their way out of the wood. The cycle is then repeated as these beetles grown int adults and lay their own eggs. The reason woodworm infestations happen in our homes and on our properties is the same reason they happen in the wild. Woodworms are simply looking for a good piece of wood to lay their eggs. No piece of timber is off limits for woodworms and they cant tell the difference between a fallen tree in nature and the timbers which form part of our homes!

What Is The Woodworm Repair Treatment?

Here at Structural Repairs, we are extremely experienced at banishing these destructive beetles with appropriate treatments and repairing the damage they wreak on the structural integrity of your property. If you suspect any of these nasty little creatures have invaded your property, it’s best to call in expert help immediately. Structural Repairs will inspect the building to determine which type of borer has infested your timber structures, whether it is still active, and how extensive the infestation is. Once we have fully investigated the signs of beetle activity, we can tell you what treatment we need to employ, and whether any timber needs to be replaced or repaired.

Overall, however, depending on the scale of the damage caused by the infestation there are two options. For minor damage, the timber can be treated with the resin process and reinforced using restraint bars. For significant damage the timber will have to be removed, temporary works put in place and the timber replaced and treated, so they are protected for the future. For further information regarding woodworm treatments on your property, please feel free to get in contact with our specialist team who are here to answer any queries you may have.

How Can Structural Repairs Help With Woodworm?

This entails a full survey used to identify the current condition of your property’s foundation, recommendations of the most effective remedial action which needs to be taken on your build, careful and successful execution of such, as well as any further arrangements necessary such as the attainment of planning permission. For expert advice regarding the structural condition of your property, please feel free to get in contact with one of our specialists today and obtain a free consultation today.

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