Stone Restoration

With unprecedented expertise in everything stone, we are specialists at restoring and repairing the built heritage near you. Using industry leading technology, we make sure we restore your stone back to health through effective and responsible means.

What Is Stone Restoration?

Stone restoration is the act of restoring damaged or worn out stone back to a condition visually resembling its original aesthetic. Stone restoration can be conducted on a wide range of materials such as limestone, marble, granite, terrazzo, travertine and much more.

Stone Restoration Methods

Stone restoration can be conducted on a large variety of natural stones and using a large range of different methods. These methods include cleaning, honing, polishing, flattening, colour enhancing, repairing and further. Stone restoration if often employed as a means to repair damage such as broken materials, cracks, chipped surfaces, wear and tear, accumulated debris, removal of paint or graffiti, and the like. The restoration of these conditions requires professional assistance, specialised industrial machinery as well as appropriate skill, care and expertise if the job is to be conducted up to pristine standards. Repairing stone, rather than replacing it, is known for being significantly more cost effective and less time consuming. For further information regarding exactly what type of restoration your stone structure may need, please feel free to get in contact with one of our expert and friendly team members who are able to provide you with a free consultation and quotation today!

What Causes The Need For Stone Restoration?

Materials such as stone, which often are utilised due to their aesthetically pleasing appearance, commonly need to be restored back to their original and beautiful condition. Like many other materials, it is only natural for a stone structure to accumulate damage and wear and tear over time. Much of the stone restoration jobs we undertake are required due to natural causes such as the accumulation of debris or surfaces which become chipped and worn down from the weather and other natural environmental conditions. On the other hand, however, are causes which derive from human action such as vandalism in the form of graffiti or paint. Either way, there are various different causes of stone damage which elicit the need for stone restoration. These causes are usually unique to each structure and the location of such. Under both scenarios, stone restoration is often the most effective way to repair stone damage as it is significantly less costly than a full replacement – a job which is frequently unnecessary.

How To Prevent Damaged or Degraded Stone?

There are certain actions which can be taken on stone as a means to conduct maintenance and prevent your structure from needing further intensive restoration in the future. One of the main ways of doing so is undergoing regular cleaning of your stone. To do so, however, it is critical that appropriate materials and techniques are used in order to not harm the stone any further. For example, it is imperative that cleaning products used consist of a neutral pH which does not affect existing sealers, any other types of coatings or harm the stone in any way. Any form of acid, even just water with vinegar, will etch and damage the stone. It is likewise important that the cleaning of the stone is done with soft tools such as a sponge and cloth. Please ensure that no harsh tools such as strong bristle brushes are used and that you buff the stone dry carefully and delicately. Maintenance or preventative action beyond light cleaning, should however be tackled by industry professionals such as ourselves due to the delicate nature of stone materials. For further information, please feel free to reach out to one of our expert team members who are able to provide you with a free consultation and quotation regarding the restoration of your stone.

Is Stone Restoration Effective?

As a means to restore damage which isn’t too severe and to a certain extent shallow, stone restoration is an extremely effective repair process. Here at Structural Repairs we pride ourselves on conducting restoration work which colour matches to your stone as a means to achieve seamless and almost invisible finishes.

Our repairs are able to bring stone structures covered in debris and accumulated materials back to their former and original appearance and aesthetic.

What Are The Benefits Of Stone Restoration?

There are many advantages to undergoing restoration on your stone structure. For exampling, restoring your stone holds the ability to significantly enhance the kerb appeal of your structure. Stone is a material holding great visual appeal and is a common reason for its use. Maintaining its aesthetical appearance via restoration is thus important for many structures. Beyond aesthetical reasons, stone restoration is further able to keep restore the stone back to its original and healthy condition.

The accumulation of debris, crumbling of surfaces or existing of cracks in stone structures will affect and compromise the health of stone structures if left unattended. In addition and in many cases, stone damage does not warrant a full or comprehensive replacement of the damaged material and thus restoration is able to resolve the problem via significantly less costly means. Stone restoration is likewise a preventative action which can be undertaken as a means to engage in proactive, rather than reactive, action. In other words, it is a repair method able to prevent your structure from experiencing further and more substantial damage in the future which may end up being more costly and much more serious if not promptly addended to.

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