Historic Building Repair

We are Historic Building Repair Specialists experienced, and qualified to work with, every building grade which we do so with focus on utmost structural care.

What Are Historic Building Repairs?

Due to their age, as with all old buildings, it is very common for historic buildings to require frequent or extensive repair work. There is a large array of different problems which can arise when historic buildings experience deterioration, some of which include brick and mortar repairs, repointing, brick and stone cleaning, and much more.

When Do You Need Historic Building Repairs?

Historic Building repairs are relatively easy to identify when in regards to aspects of the building’s exterior. Any visible exterior deterioration such as brick damage, overgrowth of natural substances such as moss or fungus, rust accumulation, colour deterioration, and the like, are clear signs that the build is in need of remedial action. A little bit harder to identify, however, is the repair of internal elements such as its structural condition. While these can nonetheless be identified when they are substantial such as fallen structural supports, many historic buildings hold the need for repair without exuding any obvious physical signs. It is thus useful and important to conduct frequent inspections and surveys by industry professionals when preoccupied over the condition of a historic building. For further information in this regard, please fee free to get in contact with our specialist team who are able to provide you with a free consultation and quotation today.

How To Conduct Historic Building Repairs?

Historic building repair methods vary greatly according to which form of repair work is required. There are, however, certain methods of work which should take place on all historic building repairs. For example, firstly, it is imperative for workers to ensure that the building is able to support any modern amenities. Historic buildings often have complex and complicated structures which need to be carefully studied before any work is conducted on them. Secondly, historic buildings are very likely to hold rich architectural features which are best preserved and thus need to be carefully factored in when any work is to be conducted. In the same vein, it is crucial that any work conducted on a historic build intends to nonetheless be able to retain as much of the original building as possible. There are a vast range of different ways which these builds can be repaired and restored which depend on the building under question. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team who are here to help with anything queries you may hold and are able to provide you with a free consultation and quotation.

Why Do You Need Historic Building Repairs?

There is a plethora of reasons which may lead a historic building to be in need of remedial and maintenance work. The most common reason, for example, is due to the building’s age. All buildings and structures are highly likely to experience deterioration over time, and historic buildings are especially prone to this. The natural stress of inclement weather is a further common reason for repair work. Conditions such as fire, ice, snow, storms, and floods are likely to take a toll on historic builds. Vandalism in the form of graffiti or paint is a further reason which may mean a historic build is in need of repair. When remedial action of this kind needs to be taken, it is extremely important to make sure that the processes used are conduct with utmost care as a means to protect the build’s unique and long-standing features. In addition, if historic buildings are neglected and are not effectively maintained, it is likely they will require greater amounts of repair work.

How Serious Are Historic Building Repairs?

If historic buildings are not maintained or repaired, not only are they likely to decrease in value but more importantly, if their structural integrity is severely compromised they can become a dangerous threat to their users, as well as, the general public. If elements of the building’s exterior are not well maintained or repaired, they may become subject to breaking off which could pose grave danger to individuals standing directly below these falling elements. In addition, many historic buildings have been constructed out of more flammable materials which means that if they are not properly cared for, they could pose as a greater fire hazard.

Other elements such as asbestos are also in dire need of being assessed and attended to as necessary if historic buildings are to stand safely and without danger. Without the appropriate maintenance and repair of historic buildings – structures which are more prone to damage due to their age – many of these unique structures will have to be torn down as a means to prevent them from becoming hazardous to their users.

The Benefits of Historic Building Repairs

There are a vast number of benefits which come from conducting careful and appropriate repairs on historic buildings. Not only does regular upkeep allow the building to maintain its unique, historic and aesthetically appearance, but effective repairs are able to add value and contribute towards a sense of pride within a community. Regular repairs and maintenance further allow for preventative action to take place which is able to detect potential or recently occurring problems and resolve them before they become greater and more complex issues. This is especially important for damage such as rot, which when quickly identified, is less likely to ruin larger surfaces of materials or fabric. Preventative action is likewise a significantly more sustainable approach as it is less likely there will be a need for repair work requiring new materials. In the same vein, the frequent repair of historic buildings can result in less costly work being required due to less need for new and often costly materials.

How Can We Help With Your Historic Building?

With over 35 years of industry experience, here at Structural Repairs we not only hold the required expertise in order to successfully repair historic buildings but are also proud owners of the latest and most effective building repair equipment. For example, Masonry Repairs are commonly required with older buildings, from bulging walls to cracks. We have thus certified ourselves and are approved installers of the two leading specialist masonry repair systems, Cintec and Thor Helical, which we successfully and carefully employed to rectify these types of problems. We always strive to maintain the utmost integrity of the building, which these systems enable us to do due to their minimally invasive processes and virtually invisible after treatment – aspects paramount in the preservation of historical buildings. In addition, our repair methods are approved to be used on listed and historic buildings. There are a myriad of different defects and faults that can arise with a historical building, so if you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact our team who can offer you free advice with how to resolve your problems.

This entails a full survey used to identify the current condition of your property’s foundation, recommendations of the most effective remedial action which needs to be taken on your build, careful and successful execution of such, as well as any further arrangements necessary such as the attainment of planning permission. For expert advice regarding the structural condition of your property, please feel free to get in contact with one of our specialists today and obtain a free consultation today.

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