Emergency Propping
Temporary works & design

Temporary Propping Works will temporarily support your structure whilst works are carried out. Emergency Propping can regain temporary stability or prevent further damage affecting your property or structure.

What Are Emergency Propping works?

Temporary propping works helps secure and support your structure to help ensure structural stability.  

We know that damage and subsidence is never planned, and the damage it causes can be a danger to life, so our emergency response team are on hand 24/7 to respond to critical situations with emergency propping equipment.

Our experts formulate a temporary propping design, calculating your project’s load support requirements, assessing support points and other needs. We engineer a propping design that considers the project’s full scope

Propped Bay Window

How does emergency propping work?

Emergency propping helps secure the structural stability of your building whilst we work to find a long-term solution to the problem. We will assess the problem and prop the structure accordingly. We will monitor the building once the temporary propping is on to see what (if any) movement occurs to help us inform our final outcome of work. 

Once the emergency propping works are done we work with a team of qualified engineers to find a permanent solution to the problem. 

Temporary Propping to bottom of bay window

Some examples of our work

We have years of experience in Emergency propping work, which include temporary propping of floors during construction or a shoring system for a building which is in danger of collapsing.

Whether it is a small or big job, we know how to deal with your issue and create the safest and best solution for you. 

Here is an example we completed at a New Build Residential site in Crowthorne where properties had severe cracking and needed propping internally to allow repairs to be completed by us. 

emergency propping
temporary propping works windsor berkshire
Temporary Propping to bottom of bay window
Factory Emergency Propping
south east london temporary propping works
Damaged Bay Window
Factory Emergency Propping

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