With this New Basement Build Under Construction, we had a lot of elements to consider, and not least was health and safety throughout each section of the work. We had three individual party wall agreements, all of which had to be monitored for movement, we had conveyorised spoil removal to factor in, extensive propping and shoring throughout. We supplied and braced shuttering, managed the concrete pouring of floors, walls and foundations, and relevant reinforcing throughout. All of this whilst working under pretty outrageous sound and working hour limitations.

The soil was made up of a lot of clay which causes no end of grief on a new basement build under construction. Not only does it stick to clothes and shoes, it clogs up digger tracks, sticks to the bucket and once hard baked in the sun will shrink causing all sorts of water ingress problems. Clay is also one of the main contributing factors for subsidence and uneven settling of houses across Greater London.

Monitoring was incredibly important here on the site, not just for the party wall agreements and public liability, but also for the safety of our workers working three stories down. The monitoring we used from Structural Analytics allowed us to view movement data which had a threshold trigger alerting us if any untoward structural movement had taken place which left the workers below in jeopardy. A small device utilising GSM (Mobile phone) signals to report, these devices really are life-savers.

This particular New Basement Build Under Construction was designed in-house, built by our own in-house teams right the way through to being completed on time, on budget and within stringent regulation. If ever there was a showcase build featuring our capacity as a company to supply end to end structural repair, this is it. When we say no job is too big or small, we mean business.

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