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We are masonry repairs specialists with a keen focus on brick walls, repointing and retaining walls. We also do a lot of crack repairs.


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What is masonry repair?

Structural Repairs carries out a wide range of masonry repairs on a variety of buildings, both commercial and domestic.

We are approved installers of the two leading specialist masonry repair systems, Cintec and Thor Helical, which can be successfully employed to rectify a variety of masonry problems, from bulging walls to cracks.

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Masonry Repair Specialists

If the modern technological systems we have at our disposal fail, we are more than qualified and experienced enough to rebuild bowed and bulging brickwork and stone walls. Another common masonry problem that we deal with, particularly in older buildings, is the weathering of the exterior brick or stone, which causes deterioration of the mortar in the joints. This deterioration requires some professional masonry work, known as repointing, a traditional skill which involves removing the deteriorated mortar from the joints in affected areas and replacing it with new mortar.


Masonry Repair Services

Particularly at risk are surfaces exposed to the weather, such as chimneys, walkways, patios and sidings. If the crumbling mortar is neglected you could end up with penetrating damp filtering into the interior, and bricks or stones falling out of the exterior walls. When you notice signs of weathering and deterioration give us a call so we can have our re-pointing experts take a look.

When it comes to repointing it needs a professional to analyse the characteristics of the existing mortar so that it can be matched both in its physical properties and colour-wise to the original.


Non invasive treatment

These systems are minimally invasive and after treatment, the repairs and restoration are virtually invisible.

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Masonry Repairs FAQs

We’re here to help! Here you’ll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about masonry repairs. If you would like to know more, get in touch for a free consultation.

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    What is the masonry repair process?

    Depending on the type of masonry damage, different processes are used. The most common process is to remove all the grout and damaged brickwork and replace the bricks and repoint the grout.

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    What are the causes of masonry damage?

    Masonry damage is frequently found on older brickwork properties. There are many reasons that masonry in your property could start to develop issues such as bulging walls or crumbling moratar, weathering and separation.


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