Structural Repairs is one of the UK’s leading specialists in subsidence, underpinning and crack stitching. So your question: “Are cracks in the foundation normal? “, is one we have heard many, many times.

The answer to your question is not a simple binary yes/no answer and although we try to provide answers to some pretty broad questions – not every structural situation is the same. You will find we have many posts which are unique to specific enquiries, so please do browse our FAQ archives.

The answer: Not normally, cracks in foundations and walls are not supposed to be there. Cracks are caused by movement within the rigid structure itself or the area supporting it, in fact any movement around a wall could crack it. If you have extensive cracking, you should consider wall monitoring.

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In conclusion: The short answer to your question: “Are cracks in the foundation normal?”, Cracks are not supposed to be there, but you should seek out the cause before proceeding with a repair.

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