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Old and Listed Building Repair

Structural Repairs carries out a wide range of historic building repairs on a variety of buildings, both commercial and domestic. As with all old buildings, there are a huge array of different problems that could arise with the building deterioration with age.

Historic Building Repairs Specialists


Maintain Building Integrity

Masonry Repairs are a commonly required with older buildings, from bulging walls to cracks. As we are approved installers of the two leading specialist masonry repair systems, Cintec and Thor Helical, which we successfully employed to rectify these types of problems.

We always want to maintain the integrity of the building and as these systems are minimally invasive and are virtually invisible after treatment which is paramount in the preservation of these historical buildings.


Restore to former beauty

Brick and stone cleaning is needed periodically with historical buildings as dirt, pollution and organic matter builds up gradually over time. We can restore the building to its former beauty with without compromising the brick/stone as our methods are incredibly gentle and are approved to be used on listed and historical buildings.

Free Consultations Available

There are a myriad of different defects and faults that can arise with a historical building so if you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact our team who can offer you free advice you with how to resolve your problems.

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