Famous Real Life Locations In Anime

Who likes anime? We sure do!

Did you know that in some anime series and movies the locations are often based on places in the real world? As big fans of anime and buildings, we created an infographic we hope you enjoy as much as we did creating it.

what is anime?

Anime (アニメ) is an animation that originally created in Japan! The word itself came from an English word, which we are certain that you could make a guess… YES! It derived from the word “animation” that covers all animated works. However “anime” usually only describes the animations that were created in Japan.

Some well-known animes series, for example: Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, and Much more! There are also anime movies that were produced, for example: Ghost in the Shell, My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, and the list goes on!

Anime is often adapted from Japanese comics or Manga (漫画: マンガ :まんが), novels or even video games. The production companies for anime in Japan is a massive market that consisted of more than 100 companies but the popular ones, for example: Toei Animation, Studio Ghibli, NHK. 

what is the difference between anime and cartoons?

As you could probably tell, they are similar as they both are “animated” works. However, anime refers to “a Japanese style of motion-picture animation, whilst cartoons are developed in Westerns.

Famous Real Life Location in Anime

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