Trees can cause substantial damage to buildings and properties. The tree is Eton had grown substantially and its roots spread along the wall causing serious impact to the pillar when a branch eventually gave way during the heatwave of the summer of 2018. The wall and pillar had become structurally unstable as a result. A regular structural survey would have identified this problem and prevented the pillar from collapsing.

It is important to get your property checked by a qualified structural engineer if you have any concerns about movement in your building or if it is experiencing subsidence. Trees in the vicinity can cause major damage to properties if left, and a structural survey can identify this in its early stages.

Tree roots will grow along the path of least resistance and constantly are seeking a source of moisture along with nutrients. The wall in the case would have retained moisture due to where the lime mortar has become porous over the years.

The branch eventually snapped and severely damage the entrance pillar to the churchyard and it was extremely fortunate that no one was injured. The pillar has now been restored to its former glory. A structural engineer is qualified to undertake a structural survey which will determine the integrity of any affected properties or walls and propose the applicable remedial actions required or structural repairs.

If you have any concerns regarding building movement or building subsidence, please contact us for a free consultation where we will be able to provide you with professional advice and if required make an appointment for one of our structural engineers to visit your property and undertake a structural survey.

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