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Diamond drills are one of the few tools, if the only one, that is appreciated by both construction workers and archaeologists. They are versatile tools ready to take on a number of construction tasks for an array of purposes.

But what is a Diamond Drill?

Diamond drills are powered by a motor that pushes the drill rod into a surface. As the drill rod enters, it extracts some of the material to make a hole.

They come in significantly different sizes for domestic to industrial uses. Diamond drills usually have some attractive user features such as calibrating the drill to perform at different hole widths and depths, making them perfect tools for tailoring to different types of drilling tasks. They are available as battery-operated units as well as standard electric motors, but this is usually for the benefit for archaeologist uses of diamond drills in remote areas.

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What Does a Diamond Drill Do?

Diamond drills are used to drill into building materials such as stone or marble, or even the earth’s surface; this is the reason they are important tools for archaeologists as well as construction industry professionals. Whereas other drills can cause a lot of mess, debris, dust and produce a lot of noise, diamond drills avoid these issues and make cleaner and more accurate hole punctures. A hole made by a diamond drill will not damage the surrounding area which makes them useful tools on construction jobs. They are also much stronger than regular drills and withstand the usual wear, tear, and stress put on a drill when being used on tough materials. These benefits highlight the convenience and performance perks of using a diamond drill when more applicable to the job. Sometimes, regular drills will just not cut it.

It is quite correct that these tools are frequently used to assess sites for their mining potential and to extract minerals, but they are not limited to these uses. Building contractors will frequently reach for their diamond drills to make underground tunnels. These tunnels usually house plumbing pipes, or telephone network electrical wires. Contractors may also use these tools to gather concrete samples which will be used within a survey to determine concrete loadings.

Who Can Use a Diamond Drill?

There are some diamond drills on the market that claim user friendliness for domestic DIYers. However, for the best results, it is always best to seek out a trained professional who has experience operating such machines. Away from the archaeologist and scientific uses of these drills, you will most likely see them as part of a plumber, electrician, and a builder’s tool kit.

Where Can I FInd Diamond Drilling Services?

If you need an experienced and professional construction worker to carry out wiring, piping, or to fix anchors and fittings to a surface, then you need a team with a diamond drilling service. We include high-performing diamond drills within our construction arsenal to ensure your tasks are carried out with the best tools for the best results. For more information, get in touch to discuss your project, today!

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