Crack Stitching

A common solution to a common problem which requires expert skill and help to bring your structure long-term, permanent and effective health.


Crack stitching, as the name implies, is the masonry repair of cracks which at times appear in walls. Cracks in walls appear due to a number of different reasons such as seasonal changes, water damage, trees in close proximity, soil instability, inadequate home settling and more. Crack stitching involves the retrofitting of crack stitching bars which are then grouted across the cracks in the wall as a means to reconnect them and bring the masonry back to full health.


As industry leading experts with over 35 years of experience we are specialist in crack stitching repairs. We are extremely familiar with the crack stitching process which entails cutting slots into the wall which has suffered from cracking and inserting stainless steel bars into these slots. Grout is used as a means to interlock the bars and chemically bond them to the wall which in turn stitches the crack back together and reconnects the masonry. Crack stitching is an extremely detailed process which requires unique knowledge and technical machinery if the job is to be carried out efficiently and with due safety.


Condition Analysis

We conduct an analysis of the condition of your wall using our skilled expertise. We ensure our analysis is thoroughly comprehensive and all-encompassing as a means to meet your requirements.

Structural Strengthening

Restoring the structural capacity of a cracked wall is often a necessary requirement over time. Stabilising the cracks via steel bar placement and grouting will create stability and bring the masonry’s strength back to full health.

Machinery Utilised

We combine our industry leading expertise with some of the best tools and machinery available as a means to provide you with a service you can be confident in and happy with.

Crack Stitching FAQs

We’re here to help! Here you’ll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about crack stitching. If you would like to know more, get in touch for a free consultation.

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    How do you repair cracks in brick walls?

    The process starts by identifying the affected area. The grout layer between the affected brickwork is then cut into and helical bars are inserted into the brickwork which bind the wall together. The grout is replaced, returning the wall to its original statement. This whole process stabilises the building and the products used have a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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    How much does crack stitching cost?

    Crack stitching costs vary depending on the amount of crack stitching to be undertaken along with the ease of access. Typically crack stitching cost would start from £450.00 for a vertical crack on a single story building with the crack stitching bars installed at 450mm vertical centres.

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    What is crack stitching?

    Cracks start to appear in walls, ceilings and floors over time due to many reasons, the main reason being because of building/foundation movement. If the reason cracks have appeared is found to be a minor problem, then crack stitching is a great solution.

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    What are the benefits of crack stitching?

    One of the advantages of crack stitching is that it is able to be easily employed, even in weaker materials. In addition, crack stitching has very versatile applications and is invisible once it bas been installed. Lastly, crack stitching is beneficial given that once it has been installed it is able to provide flexibility to the mortar.


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