We provide expert analysis on why your concrete is experiencing delamination and implement effective solutions in order to bring your concrete back to full health. We further leave you with advice on how you can preserve and upkeep your concrete going forward.


Concrete delamination is the process which occurs when the top layer of a concrete slab separates from the rest of the slab’s body. This is a problem which occurs with trowelled concrete and often takes place during either early spring or late fall given that delamination is driven by rising daytime temperatures. Concrete delamination is likewise common on concrete which has been placed on cool subgrades.  Although concrete delamination is likely to occur due to daytime temperatures, it may nonetheless happen at other times and due to other reasons too. The characteristics of a slab of concrete and the finishes which were applied to it are further reasons which may cause delamination.



Concrete delamination is repaired by patching once the delaminated section has been removed and the underlying concrete has undergone an extensive clean. If the delamination of a concrete is quite comprehensive, the grinding and overlaying of an entirely new surface may be necessary. If delamination has occurred due to steel rebar corrosion, sandblasting will be necessary in order to remove rust from the steel.


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Concrete Delamination FAQs

We’re here to help! Here you’ll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about concrete delamination. If you would like to know more, get in touch for a free consultation.

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    What is concrete delamination?

    Concrete delamination is the process which occurs when the top layer of a slab of concrete peels away from the rest of the body in a gradual manner, leaving the concrete to underperform.

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    How to repair concrete delamination?

    Concrete delamination is repaired by either removing and replacing the delaminated area once the underlayer has been treated and cleaned, or by grinding down and overlaying an entirely new  slab of concrete. If corrosion has occurred in steel rebar found within a slab of concrete which has caused the delamination, sandblasting the steel as a means to remove the rust may be necessary.

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    What causes concrete delamination?

    Concrete delamination, an issue which often occurs with trowelled concrete, can be driven by a change or rise in temperature. Changes in temperature happen when concrete has been placed on a cool subgrade or as a consequence of the changing seasons into early spring/late fall. Other than temperature changes, delamination can occur if incorrect materials or processes were used when laying down the concrete.

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    How much does concrete delamination repair cost?

    Depending on the cause and extent of the delamination, its repair will vary in price tag. Overall, costs would on average start from £450 per repair and are dependent on the processes needed in order to bring the concrete back to health.

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    How to prevent concrete delamination?

    Concrete delamination can be prevented by controlling the uniformity with which the concrete is placed, the rate of bleeding, the rate of surface evaporation, the setting time of the material, the process finishes conducted on the job and, overall, by ensuring a high-quality job is conducted when initially applying the concrete.


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