As industry leading specialist, we offer an extensive range of bridge repair services and are qualified to both identify your bridge’s current damage and put into practice the repairs required to bring the structure back to health.


Bridge repairs are similar to many other structural repairs where services such as strengthening, rebar corrosion, concrete scanning, concrete delamination, crack stitching and much more, are likely to be required. In order to identify what forms of repair a bridge is in need of, a survey needs to be conducted first and foremost. Once this has been completed, industry specialist are then able to proceed and begin the remedial action necessary in order to repair the damage which the survey has identified. Given the structural logistics of bridges, it is important that industry specialists and experts be called on site as a means to protect the safety of those making use of the bridge once the repairs have been conducted.


As leading industry specialist, we have an abundance of experience with bridge repairs and thus are able to promptly and thoroughly identify the remedial procedures which your bridge requires in order to be brought back to full health. As a company, we have over 35 years of experience in the industry and our trained specialists possess both the necessary skills and expertise in order to go above and beyond your  needs and expectations. When it comes to the repair of your bridge, we first conduct a comprehensive survey in order to understand and identify the current condition of the structure. We then proceed to make recommendations we believe your bridge would benefit from. Able to put into practice the recommendations we outline, our team will then proceed to successfully mend and repair your bridge as required. 


Report Generated

Via the use of non-intrusive technology, our bridge repair services begin with a through and comprehensive survey used to identify and analyse where your bridge is in need of repair or replacement. Our industry leading expertise allows us to fully understand the elements behind what is affecting the condition of a faulty bridge.

Technology Utilised

The award-winning technology we use is non-invasive and non-instructive and utilised in order to analyse the current condition of your bridge. We make sure to keep up-to-date with new technological releases as a means to ensure our customer service is always of utmost quality. 

Repair & Treatment

Once the repairs in need have been prompt and expertly identified, we proceed to put the remedial action necessary into practice as a means to bring your bridge back to full health as is required and desired.

Bridge Repair FAQs

We’re here to help! Here you’ll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about bridge repairs. If you would like to know more, get in touch for a free consultation.

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    What are bridge repairs?

    Bridge repairs are very similar to other forms of structural repairs and are usually required on a unique and specific basis. Overall, however, many bridges need repairs such as rebar corrosion solutions, concrete scanning, concrete delamination solutions, structure strengthening, crack stitching, and much more. For further information on what repairs your bridge needs, it is best to contact industry specialist like us.

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    How can we help with your bridge repair?

    We are leading industry specialists with over 35 years’ of experience, key assets and skills when it comes to the repair of bridges. Given their logistical nature, it is imperative bridges be repaired and remedied through the use of appropriate methods and bridge specific machinery. For further information on what repairs your bridge needs, it is best to contact industry specialist like us.

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    How much do bridge repairs cost?

    Depending on the type of damage in need of repair, bridge repairs come in many different forms and with varying price tags. Due to the size and logistics of a typical bridge, however, costs on average start from £10,000.

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    What are the advantages of bridge repairs?

    One of the benefits of bridge repairs, apart from the obvious benefit that your bridge will become much more structurally stable, is that periodical repairs hold the ability to significantly increase the lifespan of a bridge in the long-run. In the same vein, bridge repairs likewise tend to improve the aesthetical appearance of a bridge and improve its curb appeal, an important factor when a bridge is being valued as it connotes that a build is being well taken care of.

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    How do you maintain a bridge?

    The maintenance of a bridge is the up-keep of its components so as to ensure that it is always in good and serviceable condition. I addition, bridge maintenance allows the structure to have a longer lifespan than if the bridge was not maintained on a periodic basis. Therefore, bridges should be regularly inspected and properly maintained.


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