We are concrete specialists and not only carry out repairs on brick and concrete walls at residential and commercial properties alike – we also specialise in brick & stone cleaning.



We’ve been around brick cleaning, mortar restoration, concrete rejuvenation and the like for many years. We understand how damaging it can be when the wrong products are used when cleaning and the entire look and feel of a building or structure changes due to one section being cleaned irresponsibly.

The brickies of old took pride in their work, were masters of their craft, and produced some of the finest buildings in the world at the time. We follow in their footsteps and remove the veil of mortar from their work.

War Memorial Cleaning

Brick and stone cleaning is a critical part of the upkeep of memorials. Often, dirt build-up and deposits cover inscriptions or disfigure and damage these important monuments. It is worth noting, however, that unsuitable cleaning procedures more often than not cause more harm than good as they damage the delicate surfaces, wearing away inscriptions, tarnish the memorial and shorten its lifespan. The cleaning of war memorials should only be undertaken by specialists after a thorough consultation has been conducted by an industry professional such as ourselves. Conducting war memorial maintenance is something we do with great care and honour as we believe they are important embodiments and remembrances of our unique national history.

Gravestone Cleaning

It is natural for gravestones to deteriorate over time and suffer from the wear and tear natural causes can have on a loved one’s memorial. Gravestones can be pricey which is why ensuring their features aren’t lost and the conductance of regular upkeep on them is of great importance. There are various techniques which are used to clean gravestones given that these are often made from different types of materials and shaped to various different designs. Gravestone cleaning is often conducted using a combination of cleaning materials and hand held tools. For any form of gravestone cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact us as we have years’ of experience in dealing with the upkeep and maintenance of your loved ones’ memorials.

Church Cleaning

Church cleanings are large and comprehensive tasks which must be to suited to adhere to the stone type, location, type of soiling present and desired results. In order to do so, extensive knowledge and experience is required for a successful and restorative cleaning of these distinguished monuments. Often these cleanings include the removal of biological, environmental and atmospheric soiling, as well as, paint and graffiti. Additionally, coatings can be conducted with multiple disciplined approaches to attain the most effective and appropriate results.


Mortar Cleaning

Our cleaning system and method is all about retaining as much of the original material as possible. We actually do all kinds of mortar cleaning. For instance, a Victorian red brick building that was rendered with a concrete mortar in the seventies is not starting to look tatty. You could replaster the entire building but as much of the seventies’ mortar is falling off, there is not much for it to adhere to.

With the above, a common practice is to angle grind grooves into the existing mortar to allow for better adhesion, but this effectively ruins the beautiful red brick underneath for future restoration (although many developers care not – it’s all about swinging and selling it fast).

How We Clean Brick Walls

With our non-intrusive approach and systems, we love nothing better than to see old brickwork cleaned and restored to its former glory. The brickies of old took pride in their work, were masters of their craft, and produced some of the finest buildings in the world at the time.

We follow in their footsteps and remove the veil of mortar from their work. Working a metre at a time, we painstaking uncover each section until the entire are or brick has been cleaned. The system we utilise uses a combination of superheated steam, water and soluble particles that are introduced to the area by means of a lance. The operator is covered head to toe in a respiration suit and the feed pipes are connected to as long as we need them and will even include high rise buildings.

Brick & Stone Cleaning FAQs

We’re here to help! Here you’ll find the answers to the questions we get asked the most about brick & stone cleaning. If you would like to know more, get in touch for a free consultation.

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    What stains can brick/stone cleaning remove?

    Organic staining – The walls may have turned green with algae contamination.

    Cement Staining – Walls are often stained with cement splashes or building dust during building work. Scaffold rash is where layers of building dust and staining can be seen on the brickwork where the scaffolding levels were erected alongside the brickwork. This can be very visible after the scaffolding comes down and the bricks need to be washed down.

    Carbon staining – Also referred to as atmospheric pollution, this is where bricks turn black in colour on the face of the brick due to pollution staining.

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    How much does brick or stone cleaning cost?

    Brick and stone cost vary depending on the substrate and what is to be removed, whether, dirt, vegetation, carbon, efflorescence, graffiti. The costs would typically range from £35-£120 per m2

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    What is brick and stone cleaning?

    Brick and stone cleaning, as the name might suggest, is the cleaning of brick and stone services through the use of specialist machinery. This machinery, such as the doff machine, often works with high pressure stream and extremely high temperatures. This process is able to remove any build-up and/or debris which has accumulated on the surface of both brick and stone structures.

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    What are the advantages of brick and stone cleaning?

    The benefits of brick and stone cleaning, apart from the obvious benefit that your surface will become a much more aesthetically pleasing and will resort back to the appearance it had when it was first installed, is that this cleaning is likely to improve the curb appeal of the build. Curb appeal is an important factor when a property or structure is being valued as it connotes that a build is being well taken care of.


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