Brick Repairs

As specialists in all things brick, we can keenly cover repairs on a wide variety of brick walls and include methods such as crack repairs, repointing, retaining walls and much more.

What Is Brick Repair?

Brick repair is the remedial process of bringing damaged and worn out brick back to heath and back to its original condition. This is done via a wide range of masonry repair such as repairing chipped brick, frost damaged brickwork, restoring aged brick, treated decay, and much more.

What Does Brick Damage Look Like?

Brick repair, often termed spalling, is when the bricks of a build are seen to be crumbling or flaking. Brick damage is when the surface of a brick flakes off over time and the brick is seen to be deteriorating. A further means to identify when the brick is damaged is to assess the shape of each brick. If they are no longer flat and with square edges and instead have become a more rounded and bumpy shape, it is highly likely your brick is damaged. In all, if your brick wall is no longer consisting of a flat and uniform surface, it is very probable it has experienced damage. However, for further insight regarding the current condition of your brick, please feel free to get in contact with our expert and friendly team who are able to provide you with a free consultation and quotation today!

What Causes Brick Damage?

Brick damage is a very common occurrence which is likely to happen over time. The deterioration of brick is occurs due to the cycle of freezing and thawing moisture. Over time, since bricks are made of clay – a very porous material – they easily absorb water when they get wet. When temperatures drop in the winter, this water then freezes and as it freezes it expands. The expanding water then pushes small pieces of brick out of its way, thus making the brick crumble and break off. In some cases, this even goes further and creates small cracks in the brick. As the weather warms back up in the summer, the water melts and runs out of the brick. Once the following winter appears, the process will repeat, however, the difference being that now the water can fill that small cracks which were created by the expanding water last time. This means the small cracks will get bigger and bigger each time this process repeats and eventually will lead to larger cracks or even worse deterioration.

How To Repair Brick Damage?

The first thing to do once you have identified that your brick has experienced damage is to contact an industry professional such as ourselves. Each brick wall and the type of damage is different and will need a specific solution accordingly. Overall, however, brick is often repaired via pointing. Pointing is the technique of repairing mortar joints between bricks or other masonry elements when aging mortar joints crack and disintegrate. This is conducted by having the damaged mortar removed by hand or power tool and replaced with fresh mortar. When doing so, it is important the same composition as the original is used to ensure a seamless repair is achieved. Depending on the brick wall and the degree of the damage, however, some walls may leaks attended to via the use of sealing repair work. Sealing brickwork is essential when it has been identified that the brickwork contains moisture as a means to prevent further damage.

How To Prevent Brick Damage?

Although brick damage is a common and normal occurrence on brick walls over time, there are certain measures which can be taken in order to prevent damage as much as possible. Examples include ensuring water is properly draining from around your property, checking the property for leaks, installing a snow/rain cap on your chimney, avoid pressure washing your brick work as this can weaken it substantially, regularly inspecting your brickwork and chimney and calling a specialist if any cracks are found and addressing as soon as possible, keep crawling vines in check as they may trap moisture, and much more.

Brick Repair Contractors

Here at Structural Repairs we carry out a wide variety of masonry repairs on a vast range of buildings, both commercial and domestic. We are approved installers of the two leading specialist brick repair systems, Cintec and Thor Helical, which can be successfully employed to rectify a plethora of brick problems, from bulging walls to cracks. As brick repair specialists, we hold an abundance of skill, expertise and experience when it comes to repairing brick.

We are passionate over are craft and ensure that every brick repair job is conducted to the highest of standards. and via careful and considerate means. We employ a careful and considerate craft, specifically on historic builds, as a means of preserving any brickwork we work on and make sure all our brick repair endeavours hold a sturdy and seamless finish.

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