Basement reinforcing is quite the art to get right. In a regular basement, the concrete basement roof layer is actually the floor of the storey above it. Nothing like a regular roof which does not even have to look particularly pretty from above, this layer forms an integral part of the strength of the entire structure.

The type of reinforcing can change between property to property and should always be recommended by a structural engineer or a qualified architect. there are many elements within a well executed basement reinforcing plan. On the images below, you see the basement roof, or ground floor floor being laid. Marine ply shuttering is set and well supported intervals across the weight of the casting area. These supports and marine ply hold the entire weight of a new floor until it sets around the reinforcing. The mix of the concrete itself and the additives it holds are a calculated blend. Too much sand, it crumbles, too much aggregate, less strength. Then there are plasticisers and inhibitors and other additives all of which add to the overall strength and suitability of the floor.

Our projects are all overseen by qualified structural engineers to assess each of the elements that go into the projects we take. Concrete failure or even the shuttering and propping setup whilst pouring a floor, can be fatal. It is a massive responsibility to take on these calculations and one we don’t take lightly.

On the day of pouring, concrete normally comes thick and fast. preparation is key here, and our specialists stay on site until every section is complete. The whole floor is poured in a day, in this case we had a large external pump which draws the concrete up from the trucks and pumps with pinpoint accuracy into the locations our site staff direct it.

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