Ana Delgado

Lest We Forget

remembrance day 2020 Lest we forget The year 2020 has been quite something to behold and although the year has certainly been tough for everyone, the silver lining is that nations across the world are pulling together to protect the vulnerable and keep each other safe. A spirit we haven’t seen since the World Wars, …

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Empty Housing in England

key insights Despite the current housing crisis there are staggering amounts of currently recorded empty houses across England. On the 5th of October 2020 it was recorded that there was a grand total of 743,059 empty houses across England. Out of these unoccupied homes, 410, 905 of them have been empty for a period of under 2 years. Impressively, 262,953 of these unoccupied houses are second …

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The 10 Most Expensive Stadiums In The World

From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, from Singapore to London, here are the most expensive stadiums in the world. The perfect bucket list of sports venues for once lockdown is over, along with some interesting facts including construction time, cost accounted for inflation and capacity for different event types. Infographic: 1. Sofi Stadium $5.5 billion …

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